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The SEF 39....why doesn't it apply to not-at-fault claims?

The sef 39— accident waiver rating- is great for personal auto. Having it apply to any at fault is great BUT why doesn’t it apply to not-at-fault claims? Example- we have a client who has a great (perfectly clean) record- and she hit a deer. She claimed and had the sef 39 but still lost her claims free discount and we had to plead with the company to keep her * rating in tact. How is this fair? She pays for the sef 39, she’s had clean history for 20 years – I think she should be able to keep her claims free discount. Am I wrong?

Posted by admin on March 10, 2010   Comments (3)

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  • Sarah :April 07, 2010

    My thoughts are, they are 2 different things; the SEF39 is a protector of your ‘star rating’ or insurance driving record. I dont see how they would be able to use an at fault accident waiver for a comp claim.

    Sounds like she’s losing the discount for having a claim, which she did. I would guess even if she did have an at fault accident, she would probably still loose the CF discount, because again, its different then the SEF 39.

    I cant see why you would have to ask to keep the rating in tact, because a comprehensive claim has nothing to do with driving record. That doesnt make sense!

    Thats my thoughts!

  • David :June 22, 2010

    As stated above by Sarah…...the SEF 39 is not directly linked to premium, but rather, to the insured’s driving record.

    To have your 39 respond to a comp claim does not make sense! Moreover, comp claims are not generally chargeable events but could technically remove a no claims disount.

    Do we know who the insurer is?

  • Terry :November 14, 2011

    I guess from the insurers perspective, they may see this as an at fault claim too. If it is a not at fault claim, they should not amend the premium… but hey, I guess it does depend on the insurer…

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