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Become a Broker

What Is An Insurance Broker?

Insurance brokers are professionals who simplify the insurance process by sharing their expertise with clients. They’re experts who often represent several insurance companies and negotiate the best possible choice of coverage and price for their clients.

Types Of Insurance Brokers Include Home, Auto, Business And Commercial

Insurance brokers are independent business people who help individuals, families, and businesses select insurance coverage that is right for them. The broker manages all aspects of the insurance transaction: advising the client, arranging and invoicing the policy, and facilitating claims. Types of insurance include home, auto, business and commercial.

Insurance Brokers Have Flexibility And Job Security

The work is interesting and diverse. It pays well and offers great job security and opportunity for growth and advancement. The hours are flexible—you can work full-time or part-time or fit your career around your schedule. You can own a brokerage or work for one.

The First Step To Becoming An Insurance Broker In Alberta

To become an insurance broker in Alberta you’re required to pass a licensing exam. Study options and preparation include a one-week immersion course, an online or a self-study, all offered through the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta (IBAA). Some post-secondary institutions in Alberta also offer degrees and diplomas in business, majoring in insurance. Visit the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta website for complete details.

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